Amazing Race Challenges

Amazing Race Challenges

Here are some examples of Amazing Race challenges you can incorporate into your next party.

the Mystery Food

The trademark of an unforgettable Amazing Race is the ‘exotic food’ that the players would have to eat. Here are some suggestions:

  • Raw vegetable shake: Combine in a blender some raw vegetables (bitter gourd, okra, etc.), water and blend thoroughly. Instant vegetable shake! Make one tall glass serving per player.
  • Mixed Ingredients: Think of foods that when combined together would be too gross, although edible to eat. For example, combine Jell-O, corn chips, mashed bananas, gummy bears, canned sardines and mix well. Top with chocolate syrup mad you’ve got an exciting menu!

Brain Teasers

  • Riddles: Nothing beats a hard to solve riddle, especially if the players would need to solve ten difficult ones!
  • Word Hunt: Create one that would fill an entire paper. It will make the players go crazy in fining hidden words!
  • Picture Puzzle: Print out a picture (it could go with the theme of you party or an abstract art) in a huge paper and paste it on a cardboard. Randomly cu it into different pieces and you’ve got an instant puzzle for them to solve! Matchstick puzzles are also good.

Difficult Tasks

  • Send me a text message: Since the players aren’t supposed to bring their phones and wallets during the race, a good challenge is to convince ten strangers to lend their phones and send a text message (it could be a phrase that the moderator chose) to a certain number which belongs to the moderator of the race.
  • Surf a site: Open a website that contains a password to the next challenge. Without money, the players would have to beg to someone just to surf the net.
  • Refill the bottles: position small soda bottles (could be 5 bottles per team) a few yards away from the nearest water source (bathroom or wash station). The task is to refill the bottles using only their bodies or clothing from the source to the small bottles.
  • Gold coins hunt: Hide toy gold coins around the perimeter of the race and the challenge is to complete 20 or so coins for each team before moving to the next round.

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